Team RGIT Racing

Team RGIT Racing

Formula Student Team of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

SAE SUPRA 2018 - 56 th 

Formula Bharat 2019 - 23 rd

Formula Bharat 2020 -19 th

Camber Racing

Formula Student Team of SRM Institute of Science and Technology

Formula Bharat' 19- 2nd -Business plan

                                  3rd -Engineering Design

SUPRA SAE '19  - 1st - Business presentation

Formula Bharat' 20- 2nd -Engineering Design

                                 4th -Business plan

Prahaar Racing

Formula Student Team of Saraswati College Of Engineering , Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

FFS - 2019

1st - Design Report

1st - Cost Report

Lightest Vehicle 

Overall - Rank 4

Team Abhedya Racers

Student Formula Team of Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s College of Engineering, Pune


2nd Rank in Acceleration (0-100kmph in 5 secs)

Dronacharya Award to a faculty advisor

Overall Rank 14th 

Zephyr Racing Federation

Go-Karting Team of LNCT group of colleges , Bhopal

FKDC 2019 - 1st  Acceleration

                       1st Endurance 

                       AIR 4

NGC 2019 - Overall Champions

FKDC 2020 - 1st Acceleration

                      2nd  Business Presentation

                      AIR 4

SAE NIT Kurukshetra

Team Nitrox  And Team Accelerons

Team Accelrons                         

SUPRA 2019 - AIR 23
FB 2019 -AIR 21
FB 2018- AIR 16

Team Nitrox

Sales-6                Acceleration-7
Cost-16               Design-12
Rock Crawl-11    Overall Statics- AIR 2
BAJA 2020 Overall- AIR 21

Team Achilles , Annihilators

Efficycle Team of MMCOE, Pune

Acceleration - 1 st                       CAE - 1st

Gradient Simulation -1 st            Cost - 2nd

Design -2 nd

Overall Rank - 6 th 

Supra 2018- AIR 27

                          Best engineering design - 2nd

Formula Bharat 2019- AIR 19

Supra 2019- AIR 12

Formula Bharat 2020- AIR 18 

                                               Design 8th
                                               Business 11th
                                                Cost 24th.

Wrench Wielders Racing

Formula Student team of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune

Team Resonance Racing

Formula Student Team of AISSMS COE, PUNE 

Formula Bharat 2017 - AIR 22

Formula Bharat 2018 - B_PLAN Rank - 10 

Team ETA

Supermileage team of KJ Somaiya College of Engineering Mumbai

2017: India’s first team to design and manufacture a carbon-fiber monocoque body, wheels in-house.


2019: 1)Achieved 1st position in India in Shell Eco-Marathon Challenger India.

Top mileage of 268.7 kmpl on petrol. 

Team Srijan Electric 


Formula Bharat 2018 -  Business Plan Presentation -1st

                                                 AIR - 11th 

Formula Bharat 2019- Business Plan Presentation - 8th

                                                 AIR - 16th 

Rule quiz for Formula Bharat 2020 - 1st position in CV

Rule quiz for Formula Bharat 2021 - 4th position in EV

Team Predator Racing

BAJA team of D.Y Patil College of Engineering

 2019- AIl India Rank 2

                  Raftaar(Lightest and fastest)

                  1st Acceleration 

                  2nd Suspension and Traction

                  2nd Durability       

BAJA SAE Season 2019-2020

                AIR 1- Overall 

                1st Raftaar award- for lightest and fastest

                1st Acceleration award- for fastest

                1st Durability award

                1st CAE award - for best engineered vehicle  

Overall worldwide(BAJA SAE USA) rankings as below

                 2017- 35th                                                                        

                 2019- 11th 

                 2020- 8th (Virtual Event)

Lightest vehicle across the globe in season 2019

Team Drift Racing

Formula Student team of  NIT Jamshedpur,

SUPRA 2015 - Presentation -6th

                         Lightest Car

SUPRA 2016 - Cost -9th 

Supra 2018 - 2nd among NITs and IITs


Team BITS Goa Racing

Formula Student Team of BITS PILANI , Goa Campus

AIR 50+ rank

Excellent In-house manufacturing

Hyperion Racing Team

Formula Student team of Pillai College Of Engineering, Mumbai

Formula Student India 2016  -AIR-18th

Champion of champions 2019 -  Winner of the Team Spirit Award Formula Bharat 2020 - AIR - 32nd

                                      Engineering Design event: 18th